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Key Visual là gì?

Key Visual là gi? Key visual là một hình ảnh chủ đạo truyền tải thông điệp cho một kế hoạch Quảng cáo, Truyền thông, hoặc đơn giản chỉ là ấn phẩm lưu hành nội bộ, sự kiện. Mục đích chính của ...

Midjourney - Children room

Create an image of a child's room, focusing on the cabinets where toy boxes are being installed. This cabinet can also serve as a desk. The room is in a minimalist style, subdued and not havi...

Midjourney - Boy Photoshoot

Draw a child's room in a Scandinavian style. Focus on the bed, which should be simple, made of pine wood, and unpainted. Write 'Staś' on the bed. On the floor, a child is sitting and playing ...

Midjourney - Building design

office building / ipc shanghai, in the style of smooth curves, western zhou dynasty, light beige and aquamarine, uhd image, subtle ink application, golden ratio, neo-concrete --ar 64:53 o...

Midjourney - Art painting

fine art painting of a wood table with a vinyl player and a basket ball, morning light coming from a window. Palette limited to a few colors, saturated tones, high-angle perspective, minimali...

Midjourney - Color drawing

A L'Occitane poster, southern French country style, with a bicycle and a small white boat, green L'Occitane products in the bicycle basket and purple L'Occitane products in the small white bo...

Midjourney - Event booth

Craft a super-realistic camera shot of an elegant health event booth in a bustling Saudi Arabian event space. The booth, adaptable to different designs and spaces, is richly detailed with cus...

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